Many, who are passionate about their Welsh roots, tend to go for body art that reflects this heritage and one of the favorite designs in Welsh tattoos has to be the ref Dragon which is synonymous with Wales much like the Rampant Lion is for Scotland. Welsh TattoosThis is a potent symbol with a rich and colorful history which makes it a wonderful design that any Welshman, or woman, will be happy to display with pride.

Dragons have featured heavily in folklore from countries around the world however when depicted in artwork of this nature, the dragon often takes on certain characteristics that reflect the country or even other animals associated with that particular nation. The Welsh version is predominantly red in color and is the focal point of the Welsh flag, lying between the white and green horizontal stripes. However, this particular dragon image can be traced back to Roman times when these legions carried a standard in the form of a “draco” or dragon as it is better known in modern times. Some Welsh tattoos of this kind bare a similar resemblance to the dragon on the national flag however there are other variations of this popular theme to suit the individual’s tastes and preference.

According to legend, this red dragon representsWaleswhile a white dragon supposedly signifies the Saxons who invaded the lands after the Norman conquest in 1066. These two dragons got drunk together, so folklore tells us, before eventually drinking themselves to death when they were buried somewhere in the center of the British isles in a stone coffin. With its absence of color the white dragon is believed to symbolize death while the red dragon symbolizes anger. Welsh TattoosThere are other myths and stories relating to the dragon and King Arthur’s father was believed to have used this image to represent him in battle. Significantly, the Welsh red dragon is still included on the Prince of Wales coat of arms today.

There are however darker connotations to welsh tattoos of this nature as the dragon was also believed to symbolize the devil according to Christianity. Fortunately, much of the symbolism behind today’s tattoo images are open to interpretation and it is what the design means to you personally that is most important. As with any body art design, it is always worthwhile doing some research to explore all your options and this will help you understand fully the history and symbolism behind your chosen design.

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