The world of tattooing today is nothing if not cosmopolitan, so pretty much any design goes and in any language too so if you would like to find out more about Spanish tattoos you will find this very informative. If you have Spanish heritage you may want body art that pays homage to this however there are a great many symbols and images that reflect this particular culture so you may find it daunting trying to decide which one is best for you. After all, this does not just cover mainland Spain in Europe but the Hispanic countries and civilizations around the world whose history is closely linked from centuries past. Spanish TattoosFrom the Mayan and Aztec cultures toMexicoand South American nations, the Spanish conquistadors left their mark in much more than just the language.

Spain’s national flag is a popular choice for many as are other images used in Spanish tattoos that are done in its colors, bright red and yellow. This works well as a stand alone design or incorporated with other images that follow this theme, and will look good as both small and larger body art designs. Spanish coats of arms are also popular for this type of tattoo and this would be an ideal image to use in conjunction with the flag. Different areas and regions are represented by different coat of arms designs in a variety of colors and images so you will have a good choice of designs from which to select one that most appeals to you personally. You can even get your tattooist to customize the coat of arms to suit your personal tastes and preference as well as making it more unique and individual to you.

If you really want to find Spanish tattoos that are bang on trend, then you should seriously consider a written design as opposed to the more traditional designs that predominantly feature images and symbols. Text tattoos involve words rather than pictures and this style of body art is really hot news at present. These not only look really cool but will add an air of mystery to the meaning, due to the foreign language which will not immediately be understood by everyone who reads it. Spanish TattoosDepending on the size of the area you have chosen for its placement these can vary from one or two words to a full quotation, poem or anything else that inspires you.

Popular words and phrases used include those relating to love and friendship, which are designed to motivate and inspire both the wearer and anyone else who reads it. One of my personal favorites is: Love is friendship set on fire however this sounds much cooler when translated and read in the Spanish language “El amor es la amistad prendida fuego por el fuego.”  However this is very much a personal choice and the words or phrase should be of great significance to you so it is best to select something truly meaningful.

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