Many cultural tattoo designs are chosen because the individual is proud of their nation and heritage, so what better way to express your ancestral pride than with a tattoo that displays your patriotism for the world to see. scottish tattoos While Scotland may be a small country, its people are extremely passionate about this land and everything that is represents so not surprisingly many Scots choose to pay homage to their home nation by honoring it with Scottish tattoos. There are a great many designs to choose from if you are interested in a tattoo of this nature so let us now take a look at some of the favourite images used to represent this particular country.

The Scots pride themselves on being a country and nation of their own to such an extent many detest being referred to as British, even though Scotland is part of the United Kingdom as a whole. As the country fights for independence from the rest ofBritain– many political parties want to break away from England and the government based there – there has been a rise in demand for Scottish tattoos in support of this proposal. The Scottish flag is officially sky blue with a white X-shape cross intersecting it diagonally from each corner however the older heraldic lion flag is a more popular image that is widely used in body art designs like this. This is also known as the Banner of the Kings and was the official flag for Scottish Kings centuries ago however in modern times it is referred to as Scotland’s Royal Standard. To the common people it is more often recognized by the more affectionate name which is the Rampant Lion of Scotland. This flag is gold with a red lion in the centre and a red border adorning it although the Rampant Lion is used in many body art designs on its own or incorporated by other images synonymous with Scotland such as the bagpipes and is popular with Scottish men in particular.

scottish tattoos One of the most iconic images that are associated with this particular country is its national flower, the thistle, which shares certain characteristics with the Scots themselves. Unlike the floral images adopted by other nations this particular flower is a rather less attractive bloom with its prickly thorns and tenacity to grow in the most adverse of circumstance. It is actually more of a weed than a flower but it is very distinctive in its shape which makes it a perfect image when inked on the skin for Scottish tattoos. The vibrant purple of its flowers against the paler green thorny stems and leaves makes a visually stunning body art design that make this particular emblem a great choice for use in a tattoo design. This was adopted by the Scots as their official symbol since the thirteenth century and it features highly in many stories and legends throughout the centuries. This also works well when combined with Scottish heather, a variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers which are commonly found growing in rocky areas across Scotland’s glens. Using these two images in conjunction with each other for a cultural body art design is a great idea for a more feminine version of this particular tattoo theme.