Body art is a permanent feature that can deliver a powerful message to the world but it is also a very positive way to express patriotic pride for your culture of country of origin particularly for those living far away from their ancestral roots. Portuguese TattoosSome of these cultural designs are more obvious than others but like all body art of this nature, Portuguese tattoos can be either subtle or obvious depending on the tastes of the individual.

Let us take a look at some of the more obvious designs of this kind, starting with the country’s national flag which is used on its own or in conjunction with other similar themed images. Many Portuguese tattoos are inked predominantly in these red and green colors that make up Portugal’s flag which was designated by a special commission back in 1911. . This is split into these two colors with an uneven field dividing the green on the hoist and the red on the fly with a basic version of the country’s coat of arm’s placed directly in the centre so that evenly overlaps both colored sections. The coat of arms alone is another popular image that is widely requested for cultural body art designs and this is fairly versatile in that there are differing versions available. Whether you go for the minimalist design depicted on the national flag or a more detailed version that dates further back in history, the choice is entirely yours. You may even wish to use just one section of this for a more subtle approach to this design such as the shields or blue cross on its own.

Portuguese TattoosAnother well known symbol of Portugalis the rooster of Barcelos, also referred to as “galo de Barcelos” in Portuguese, which signifies honest, integrity and honor to this particular nation. This is an unofficial symbol that the people have adopted but there are many different versions throughout history so if this image appeals to you then there will be plenty of differing styles and designs for you to choose from. As far as Portuguese tattoos goes this particular design is ideal for both men and women who want to pay homage to their heritage. It is also usually depicted in bright vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, black and white so it makes very colorful and eye catching body art. Portugal is also famous for its ceramic arts that are decorated in a distinct pattern that has a history dating back centuries so using an image such as the rooster and having it illustrated in the style of this widely recognized style of artwork is another idea.