There has been a revival in cultural tattoo designs over the past decade or more as the demand for body art continues to soar and tribal artwork featuring the likes of Celtic symbolism and imagery has been a big favourite. Pictish TattoosHowever, if this particular style appeals to you but you would like to add a slightly different take on it, then why not consider pictish tattoos instead?  Unlike their close relatives the Celts, the Picts are a bit of an enigma, that have been practically lost in the far reaches of time and history, however their reputation as a mighty warrior race lives on. This fearsome Scottish tribe were renowned for appearing in battle complete with tattoos and totally fearless attitudes so anyone who has similar attributes they wish to convey may opt for this body art. It may also be used by those who wish to have their body art denote their Scottish heritage, particularly if their ancestry can be traced back to ancient times.

The artwork is similar in appearance to that used in Celtic tattoo designs and these knots, crosses and intertwining patterns can still be spotted throughout Scotland where examples still exist, in carved stones on the roadsides as well as collections in museums.

It is this tangible evidence of the Pictish culture that have helped it live on in our modern world so let us take a look at some of the more popular images used for Pictish tattoos today. One of the most recognizable has to be what is referred to as the V-Rod and Crescent design. This consists of a v-shaped rod on its side and intersected with a crescent shape, which is deemed to represent a time of harmony after the swords of war have been disbanded and peace reigns in the land once again. Pictish TattoosIf you want a spiritual design to symbolize peace and harmony then this could be prefect for you.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a more complex design then you may prefer what is known as the Key Whole design. These are very intricate and also rather unusual tattoos which use Pictish key patterns to form a ring around a central circle depicting the sacred seven spiral from the Aberlemno stone. This is an ancient standing stone in Aberlemno, Scotland, which is deemed to guard the way, and this intricate symbol has mystified observers for centuries. Designs featuring this mystical image are associated with magic and a similar design is used in a different shape for the Pictish Power Band Tattoo. This particular design consists of an extremely challenging and complex pattern of Pictish spirals forming a very distinctive arm band that will be sure to get you noticed.