There are many reason people opt to get tattoos, however it is often to express a sense of connection with a thing, place, topic or belief and there has also been an increase in recent years for cultural designs. Norwegian TattoosIf you or your ancestors are descended from Norway, then you may be looking at ideas for Norwegian tattoos as a statement of pride about your heritage. The Vikings originated in this land many centuries ago but this ancient civilization still plays a big part in cultural designs for many who wish to pay homage to their Norse roots. Let us take a look at some of the most popular images used for tattoos of this nature.

The main deity in Norse mythology was of course, Odin so not surprisingly this image is widely requested by those seeking Norwegian tattoos. The name when translated means fury and excitement but this particular god was also connected to mental stimulation and poetry. His role in the Norse pantheon was somewhat complex however he is predominantly associated with war, battle, victory, the hunt and death as well as more positive elements such as wisdom, magic, prophecy and poetry. As body art, the symbolism behind this image is really down to the individual who can choose it to reflect any of these specific attributes or simply as a cultural reference. Odin is depicted with a horned helmet either as a fearsome hero or even as a cartoon version. One of the most famous stories about this particular god involves the mythical tree of the world, the Yggrasil, from which Odin hung and suffered, so this also features in these designs.

Norwegian TattoosOdin also had many sons, and the most famous is Thor who is another favorite among tattoo enthusiast. This hammer-wielding god is symbolizes strength and the protection of mankind but is also associated with thunder, lighting, storms and oak trees so some or all of these images could be included in Norwegian tattoos of Thor. If you are looking for a more unique idea that is less widely used, then you may want to consider having a word or phrase that is of personal significance to you inked in Norse runes. The runic alphabet consists of a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes which were used for writing and other specialized purposes before the Latin alphabet was adopted. Norse Vikings also used these for everything from recording elaborate sagas, casting magic spells and even to label items with ownership. These look really cool inked on the skin particularly if used with another image of Norse artwork which is similar, if not the origin of what we know today as Celtic tribal patterns.