There has been an increase in the popularity of tattoo designs featuring words or phrases particularly any inking in a foreign language therefore it is not surprising that many people are looking into French tattoos. French TattoosThis is a very romantic language that is closely associated with love and romance so many of these designs take on popular words and phrases that follow this theme. These can be done in conjunction with other related pictorial images or on there own as a short phrase or a single word. Favorite sayings often requested include “la vie est belle,” life is beautiful or that’s life, “c’est la vie.”

Popular images used in French tattoos include instantly recognizable landmarks like the Eiffel Tower the Arc de Triomphe while other more elaborate designs may feature the stained glass of the Sainte-Chapelle or a classic scene from French art. Some of these mini-masterpieces look almost as impressive when inked on the skin in intricately detailed artwork copied from the likes of Le Cid or Tristan and Iseault.

However anything that sums up the French way of life can be captured and transformed into body art either as a close representation of the reality or a in a more cartoon or caricature style for those who want a tattoo with a sense of fun to it. These range from French Bulldogs and poodles to lovers sitting in a café or a traditional onion seller in a beret cycling along the side of the Seine. French TattoosDesigns that incorporate the tri-colors of the French flag – red, white and blue – are also very popular as are images and quotes from famous French artists, politicians and humanitarians.

Despite the rising popularity of French tattoos, it is still possible to make your design more unique and individual to you. If you want to be original, you could change the font style and go for one that is more unusual than the traditional scrolling cursive-type lettering such as art-deco, which would be very apt as this concept originated in France. There are many ways you can customize any design to make it your own, by changing the coloring, font style or by including additional images that follow a similar or completely different theme, the choice is entirely yours so be creative and let your imagination flow.