There are many differing kinds of cultural body art designs and this is a really popular trend that is a great way to pay homage to your ancestral roots in a very personal and individual way. African Tattoos Most people, who opt for this style of body art, are looking for a tattoo with specific meaning to them whether the design relates to their cultural heritage or it may even be a culture that they are drawn to or interested in for some reason. When it comes to African tattoos, this continent is rich in history and images that are associated thanks to the multitude of countries, wildlife and people that are part ofAfrica’s nations.

If you are interested in animals, or can relate to the characteristics and attributes associated with a specific animal then you may wish to use this as the main focus for your African tattoos. From big cats such as the Lion and the Cheetah to other favorites like the giraffe, elephant or zebra there are many wild animals to choose from as well as the thick skinned rhinoceros or the lazy hippo and also hyenas, gazelles and monkeys.

Any of these individual animals would look great on their own or in a group set against a classic backdrop of their natural habitat, the African plain or you may wish to have a selection of different animals combined in one large design. On the other hand, you may want a design that is more ethnic in origin so if that’s the case you should check out designs featuring African ceremonial masks. These were made of wood by tribes acrossAfrica, sometimes in human or animal forms and also in the shape of mythical creatures however they are deemed to signify great spiritual power. Each mask is believed to have a soul, or life force, that can transform the wearer into the entity the mask represents. African Tattoos When transformed into body art designs, they are not only highly symbolic but beautifully detailed images that make a stunning visual impact when inked on the skin as the mask on its own or incorporated onto a full length African warrior. The tribal warrior is another popular image often requested for this type of body art, complete with traditional dress, spear and shield in a multitude of detail and colours.

Of course, one of the more obvious routes for African tattoos would be designs featuring tribal artwork but if this appeals to you but you want a more unusual take on some of the more traditionally requested styles, then you should do some research on Adinkra. These are African symbols that can be seen everywhere inGhana, a country on the West African coast, and are associated with theAsantetribe. These are a collection of visual symbols that represent sayings and concepts which can be found on everything from fabrics and pottery, jewellery and architecture as well as sports logos and advertising. Originating from ancient times, these are perfect for modern day tattoo designs as they not only make a statement but also convey traditional wisdom, in the form of a proverb which captures all aspects of African life and its environment.